Spray Foam Insulation Subcontractors in Denver

Let our seasoned team of spray foam insulation subcontractors keep your Denver home insulated, comfortable, and energy-efficient all year.

Efficient Spray Foam Insulation for Homeowners

A house that lacks sufficient insulation is equivalent to throwing your hard-earned money out the window. Heated or cooled air will leak from the openings and cracks of your property. This could mean high energy costs because your heater or air conditioning system has to work harder to regulate your home’s room temperature.

Apart from a more expensive energy bill, the comfort levels in your home will also suffer, leaving you with less than ideal temperatures during the cold and warm months. 

Don’t let your money go to waste or feel uncomfortable in your own space. Call us to insulate your Denver home with spray foam.

Longhill Contracting offers spray foam insulation installation for homes in the Denver region. We have skilled and experienced insulation contractors who use state-of-the-art equipment and high-insulation materials to get the job done right the first time.

Interior and Exterior Walls

Insulating your interior walls with spray foam stops warm or cool air from leaking into the other spaces of your house. On the other hand, using spray foam to insulate your exterior walls stops rainwater from entering through cracks during inclement weather.

Basements and Crawlspaces

These two areas of a house are often cool and damp, which makes them an ideal breeding place for bacteria and mold. Using spray foam to insulate the basement makes this space warm and dry.


Spray foam prevents cold or hot air from intruding or escaping on your roof. This is ideal when you need to regulate attic temperatures during the summer or winter.

Keep your home comfortable and protect your walls from heating or cooling leaks with spray foam installed by our professional insulation subcontractors.

How Your Home Benefits from Spray Foam Insulation

Since we specialize in Denver properties, we understand just how important insulation is with consideration of the climate in the city. This also gives us unique insight into spray foam.

Here are other advantages to insulating your home using spray foam as the primary material:

Prevents Moisture

The spray foam doesn’t change in size or shape when it gets wet. On top of that, the material gets into the small nooks and crannies, which stops moisture from infiltrating your home.

Minimizes Noise and Sound Travel

Spray foam insulation also works to keep your home quiet and private. This insulation material reduces noise significantly.

Lasts for a Long Time

This type of insulation consists of an inert polymer that doesn’t lose its shape or degrade easily over time. With proper application and maintenance, spray foam typically lasts for the lifetime of your property.

Reduces Allergens

Pollen, dust, and other allergens could get through the walls. Spray foam helps prevent these foreign objects from infiltrating your interior by sealing off the joints, seams, and cracks. You and your family will enjoy improved air quality when you minimize the amount of allergen entering your home.

The Installation Process for Spray Foam Insulation

Before the process begins, your contractor will inform you to stay in a different place while the insulation is in progress. The spray foam usually takes at least 24 hours to cure.

On the day of the installation, contractors arrive at your home and cover any exposed furniture, floors, fixtures, and windows. They may also set up a large fan to keep the rooms in your house adequately ventilated.

Our team knows the exact thickness needed to insulate your Denver home, based on several factors including the city’s climate.

Then the spray foam is applied on designated areas. The material, initially in liquid form, expands to fill the air pockets, crevices, and gaps. After the installation, your contractor will let you know when you can safely enter your home.

Why Choose Us to Insulate Your Home

When we insulate your home, we complete the project on time and according to your specification. Our focus on maintaining and renovating Denver homes gives us the necessary experience to properly insulate any residential property in the city.

During the installation process, we treat your house as if it were our own and put everything back where it was once we finish with the insulation. If you need assistance in our process, our friendly and knowledgeable team members are available to respond to your concerns.

Cut down your energy bills by upgrading the quality of your home’s insulation. Call us today at (720) 830-3055 to arrange a free inspection of your property.

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