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Let our team of local fence installers build beautiful and reliable fences for your Denver property.

Reliable Wood Fencing Contractors

Control access to your property while improving its overall look with the right fences and the right fence installers in Denver.

A fence serves as the framework of your house. This structure keeps your property secure and private by deterring intruders, trespassers, and unwanted animals off your home. It also makes your home pleasing, enhancing curb appeal.

Longhill Contracting offers custom fence installations in Denver. We provide an array of design options you’ll want and need. Our years of experience, together with our expertise in home improvement, guarantees that your fencing project will be done on time, within budget, and matching your needs and specifications.

A Variety of Wood Fences to Install for Your Home

As your fence installer, we can suggest the wood fencing system installed on your Denver property. We have a good selection of materials that can be perfect for the city’s climate conditions and wildlife.

Feel free to select any of the following from our inventory:

Cedar Fences

This softwood is native to Canada and the American northwest. Cedar is a durable type of wood with a lifespan of more than three decades. Its natural oils also make it resistant to decay and insects.

One of the variants of cedarwood is red cedar. Its consistent texture and straight grains elevate the look of a yard or a garden.

Pine Fences

This variety of wood is common in many parts of the United States. The color of pine will vary depending on the variety you choose. Some pinewood species come in a yellowish-white tone, while others showcase a bright, white color.

The wood’s lightness in color makes coloring and staining easy. A single coat application is all you’ll need to achieve the finish you want.

Pinewood also has other unique characteristics, specifically its darker knots and striking grains. This option may be for you if you want your fence to stand out in your neighborhood.

Redwood Fences

Although redwood may be a costly material, its overall visual appeal and beauty make getting this material worth it. This wooden variant also naturally resists pest and rot.

Whatever variety you choose, our wood fence company will install efficiently and quickly.

Chain-Link Fences 

Chain-link fences are an affordable alternative to wood fences. They’re made of galvanized steel woven together to form individual links. These fences are an excellent choice for homeowners who want added security but don’t prioritize curb appeal. 

They come in different colors, from grayish to black tones, and can also be repainted as desired.

Ensure the beauty and longevity of your new wood fences with the help of our professional fence subcontractors.

The Benefits of Residential Wooden Fences

Wood fencing is one of the more popular options for homes for its design flexibility, beauty, and durability. The preferred material also delivers the following benefits:

Easy Installation

Wood fences are simple to install. You’ll get a wooden enclosure fast, which lets you enjoy the new look of your backyard or garden.

Customization Options

Changing the appearance of your fence is easy. You could tweak the width of the gate, the height of the rails, and the accessories that come with it. Tell us what kind of fence you want, and we’ll make it happen.

Affordable Material

If you’re on a budget, then a wooden fence is exactly what you need. Wood may be less expensive compared to other materials, like aluminum, iron, and vinyl.

Wood Fencing Service Process

Fencing contractors typically follow these steps when installing a custom wooden fence on your property:

Inspection and Estimation

A team of installers performs a property inspection. During this phase, they will take measurements of the designated area and discuss the wooden fencing options that will not only enhance the look of your property, but also be durable and long-lasting enough for Denver’s climate and animal life.

Preliminary Fence Work

A good fencing company does prep work once you’ve determined the fence style that suits your needs. The service may also secure the necessary permits before the actual construction. Our wealth of experience working in the city makes this entire process more streamlined.

Wood Fencing Installation

Once the necessary permits have been secured, the contractors can begin the work. A range of fence installation tasks are done, such as drilling holes for the fencing posts, eliminating hard soil and tree roots that are in the way, and using the right equipment to secure your wooden fence.

The right contractors will clean up the work area and leave your premises with a beautiful wood fence that isn’t just ornamental but also secure and sturdy.

Why Choose Us as Your Fencing Contractor

We deliver quality work and complete the job right the first time as your fence installers.

We pay attention to your needs and the requirements of your project, ensuring your 100% satisfaction throughout. From the inspection to the completion, Longhill Contracting does the work on time and according to your specifications.

Our experience in working with Denver properties allows us to provide you competitive prices and quick turnaround times.

Get a quality wooden fence that improves your home’s security and enhances its curb appeal.

Schedule a free property inspection today by calling (720) 830-3055.

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