Residential Drywall Subcontractors in Denver

Let our team of seasoned drywall subcontractors install, repair, or finish your Denver home’s drywall.

Efficient Residential Drywall Services in Denver

Drywall is a type of material used in making ceilings and walls. Builders use this material to create a range of design features, such as arches and eaves.

Drywall, much like the other parts of your home, wear out over time. It could develop dents, cracks, and holes that make your interior less visually pleasing. If you come across uneven blemishes or gaps on the walls of your home, you’ll need a drywall contractor that addresses these problems efficiently and quickly.

Longhill Contracting has been providing high-quality drywall subcontractor services in Denver for more than eight years. We started our business with drywall services. These years have given us a wealth of experience in installing, repairing, and finishing drywalls.

Take advantage of our experience and expertise as seasoned subcontractors in dealing with your property’s drywall needs.

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The Advantages of Installing Drywall

Homeowners are choosing drywall as their go-to building material instead of plaster. Here’s why:

Easy to Install and Fix

Drywall installation is fast and easy for experienced drywall experts. Contractors can install this material in large sections. Drywall problems, like holes, chips, and cracks, don’t take too long to repair, too.

Resistant to Fire

The fire-resistant property of drywall delays the spread of fires. It contributes to the containment of the disaster and potentially spares your property from further damage.

Resistant to Mildew and Mold

Mold and mildew, which develop due to unexpected leaks and water damage, are harmful to human health. Drywall contains specially treated materials that resist these two building hazards.

Energy-Efficient Material

Drywall serves as an excellent insulator. It helps retain cool air during warm months and keep heat during cold months. This prevents your heating appliances and air conditioning systems from working overtime to regulate room temperature.

Easily Customizable

You could repaint your drywall multiple times to achieve the look and feel you want in a room.

Whether you need to repair your drywall or have a new one installed and finished, our skilled and seasoned residential drywall subcontractors are ready to help.

Our Residential Drywall Service Process

Here’s the process we follow to deliver the ideal end-product you want on your wall or ceiling:

Property Inspection

We send one of our drywall contractors to your property to inspect your home and determine the scope of work required for your home remodeling project.


This process involves installing gypsum panels early in the drywall installation process. Our contractors start the pre-rock stage by putting up the first layer of insulation on the framing. This contributes to the structural integrity of the wall or ceiling.

Drywall Hanging and Finishing

This stage consists of multiple tasks, including taking up precise measurements, balancing angles and lines, and finishing the external layer of the walls. Expect to see smooth and picture perfect-looking walls once our contractors are done.

Patching and Other Cosmetic Fixes

Every drywall project we do looks perfect and free from blemishes. This final stage involves performing cosmetic changes, such as patching scuffs, to achieve the beautiful living space you want in your home.

Why Choose Us for Your Drywall Needs

Whether you’re sprucing up the look of your existing interior or constructing a living space from the ground up, we’ll complete the remodeling project efficiently.

Our company is also responsive to your needs. If you have concerns or inquiries about our services or process, we’ll answer them quickly and in detail. We also don’t cross-sell or upsell any home improvement service you don’t need.

When our team works on your home, we respect and treat your property like it’s our own. We keep disruptions to a minimum and clean up the worksite at the end of the day.

Achieve beautiful and smooth finishes on your interior by letting us handle your drywall needs.

Arrange a free property inspection with us today by filling out our contact form or calling (720) 830-3055.

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