Licensed Subcontractor Services in Lakewood, CO

Rely on a fully licensed and seasoned team of subcontractors to complete your building development or property improvement project in Lakewood.

Reliable Licensed Fencing Contractor in Lakewood

Make your development project easier with the help of Longhill Contracting. We are a team of experienced subcontractors in Lakewood who are always ready to partner with general contractors and home builders like you to complete any kind of property improvement or building development project.

Whether it’s painting the walls of the interior or installing gutter systems in the exterior, we will meet your exact specifications and get the job done right the first time. We even go as far as to improve on the misses that were made by previous builders to further satisfy our clients.

We have been working with home builders across Colorado for almost a decade now. And in that time, we have made sure that the quality of our work delivers 100% customer satisfaction. 

That wealth of experience has also enabled us to provide the best materials and employ the most effective techniques to suit the needs of the property.

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Our Range of Services

As a licensed partner for general contractors in Lakewood, our services make the development projects easier, simpler, and worry-free for our home builder partners. You can expect excellent results with the following services:

  • Drywall Installation – We understand how important durability and reliability are for every service, especially for drywall installation. You can expect nothing less.
  • Gutter Installation – We offer installation of the newer and more reliable seamless gutters. They outperform and outlast the traditional, multi-section ones every time.
  • Exterior Painting – When painting exteriors, a deeper understanding of the local climate is essential. This gives us an edge because we always choose the right material for your Colorado project.
  • Wood Fencing – Cedar, redwood, and pine: you have a wide range of fencing options to choose from. Regardless of the material, expect superior craftsmanship.
  • Interior Painting – We don’t take shortcuts whether we’re painting kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms. Our painting process and attention to detail will give you seamless results.
  • Insulation – We offer spray foam insulation services which not only fills in gaps and crevices on floor surfaces and walls, they also keep moisture away, ensuring a sturdier build all-around.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Read what our customers have to say about our services and why they will always consider us as their home building contractor of choice in Lakewood, Colorado.

  • Jerry H. – I wish I knew Longhill Contracting five years earlier, when I started my home building business. Their workmanship is truly second to none. Their drywall and gutter installation services are just stress-free for partners like me. 
  • Vic B. – I can always rely on Longhill Contracting when I need work done in my projects. They are absolute professionals on the work site, never giving me and the other teams any problems. I hope to work with them again soon. 
  • Emma B. – Longhill Contracting has saved my projects in the past. They turned what was going to be a bad decision regarding the exterior of my developments into a more cost-effective and reliable direction. Thank you, Longhill Contracting!
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Why Choose Longhill COntracting

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has helped us provide excellent service to several clients over the years. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Professionalism – Whether it’s your first or fifth time working with us in your projects, you can expect the same level of professionalism that we brought on day one. We treat every job and every workspace with respect, making sure we deliver top-quality results on time and on budget.
  • Responsiveness – Communication is a key component of a good development project, especially when you’re working with several contractors at once. We understand this and it’s why we always keep our lines open for feedback or urgent requests.
  • Craftsmanship – Our work can attest to how we take quality and reliability seriously. Like you, we place a high premium on attention to detail. Give us your specifications and we’ll make sure they are met without delay or issues.
  • Consistency – Whether we’re working on a small, one-off project, or a large development spanning several months, we always make sure that the quality of our services stays consistent all throughout.

Call a general contracting partner in Lakewood you can trust.

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